Johanna Hemminki

Founder and CEO of Elias Robot & E-Learning Expert

During this course, participants will learn how to use humanoid robots and chatbots as learning assistants.


The participants will learn to understand the interaction between robot and human. Also, they will learn what research has been done on the subject and what needs to be considered in the design of robots in terms of interaction, usability and ethics. In addition, the course includes hands on programming exercises:


The participants can practice real life English conversation skills  with the robot and learn how to create their own learning material for the robots.


The participants will design and implement natural-like dialogues for the Nao6 humanoid robots using the QiChat script language and get to know the modules, sensors and software of Nao6 robot.


The participants will learn the first steps of the Python programming language and make programming exercises for Nao6.


The participants will learn how to program Alpha Mini robot with an easy block programming tool.


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High School, University, IT Coordinator, Technologists