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The pre-application career plan ensures that the student is informed about the university application process through a preliminary interview. In this way, the student understands what skills, academic exams (such as SAT, SAT Subject, ACT, AP) and out-of-school activities are required and plans accordingly. The number of interviews for guidance purposes can be increased at the request of the student.

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It is absolutely necessary to know the language of education in English and / or the university to be visited for foreign university application. For this, the student should improve his / her foreign language with intense tempo until the application period. At this point Finest Academy only offers consulting services hizmeyitl not limited language school and the students as well.

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The academic status of the student is analyzed and a plan is prepared to ensure future academic success.

The reason for this is that universities' academic grade point average takes the first place in the application evaluation process.

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Academic Achievement

It is planned that the student will take different exams (such as SAT, SAT Subject, ACT, AP) that will be effective in university applications apart from the courses he / she has to take at school. It is also planned to participate in national and international exams, competitions and competitive events or projects.

Clubs &


Clubs are one of the activities that take shape in line with the interest of the student who is out of curriculum and academically binding. At this stage, it is planned to establish a club (s) that will make a difference in the school where the student is located. This stage may include not only clubs but also different institutions. This includes start ups, associations and institutes established for social service or innovation.

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Evidence is collected that the student served the community in the resume, taking into account the region to which the student will apply. Social work studies reveal that the student is a world citizen rather than an academic-only competitive profile. At the same time, this process helps the student to obtain the master and experience that he / she will use in the application letters.

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Education Programs

During the preparation period, the student will take long academic breaks such as summer break and semester break. Consultancy is continued in order to evaluate these breaks correctly and to contribute to the student's application profile from both academic and CV perspectives. In addition, it has been seen that such experiences have beneficial results in terms of students developing quality content and empathy ability for their application letters.


Throughout the application plan, the consultant helps and guides the student to create the most optimal and ideal application. The application plan includes the articles to be written in collaboration with the counselor and the student, CV preparation, the preparation, requesting and transmitting of the necessary documents (academic reports, test scores, teacher recommendation letters, passport and other documents that may be requested by the university).

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Thank you for submitting the pre-registration application.

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