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Yiğit Düzenlioğlu

FinEst Academy Software Specialist

I am a young and passionate learner and teacher in the field of software development for 5 years. As a high school student, I have managed to found a coding school of 200+ participants in collaboration with international community Hack Club. Taking it to the next step, I have been the co-Founder of Young Ideas Association as the Head Chairman to procure equality of educational opportunity by educating the members in creative and thought-provoking fields including software development. I have also been part of the biggest STEM teacher educating program in Turkey, Turkey Maker Academy, as a software specialist. Apart from organisational experiences I have built my background through different robotics and software competitions and events such as FIRST Robotics Competition, CodeFest, and RoboCon. I am now continuing at Vanderbilt University - Computer Science. Moreover, I am a student at Vanderbilt University with a full-ride scholarship.


During my admission and application processes, I have collaborated with qualified and long-experienced officials. Therefore, I have developed a comprehensive insight into creating ideal applications for abroad universities, and will also be offering consultancy services for students who involve abroad universities in their future educational career.