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About Our E-Learning

We have joined hands to create a better future, happier generations and more successful individuals.

We are a family that has made learning our passion, believing that life success will not only be achieved by studying, but also by multi-faceted development. We combine the excitement and energy of our friends who are continuing their university education, with the experience of our accomplished professional educators, psychologists, and teachers.

Our mission is to overcome the shortcomings that we see in our own education system and in the lives of thousands of students that we reach out to.

Upcoming Events

  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & STEAM Certificate Program
    Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & STEAM Certificate Program
    Mon, 20 Jul
    20 Jul 2020, 09:00
    Program Price: € 200 Participants: Educators / Teachers FinEst Academy International Certificate Programs were prepared by the best instructors of the world according to the Finnish and Estonian education system.



Certificate Program

Many courses such as artificial intelligence, Robotic Coding, Unity Game design, entrepreneurship are waiting for you in the 10 days online summer school program. You can improve yourself with the trainings you will receive from the best educators in the world. Also, let’s bring you together with the CEOs of Software companies and find out how they did it.


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